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adSync, short for Active Directory Synchronization, is a plugin for osTicket 1.10+ which allows the system to synchronize your Active Directory users into osTicket. It allows you to choose between: none, terse, and verbose logging, and/or email the results, and which parts to email. While it's best to run cron.php on a schedule it is not necessary as the plug in will trigger on Agent activity. To prevent it from running every time the system allows you to specify how often it should sync. Should the timer not have expired it will report nothing to do in the logs.


adSync 1.2.0 November 2020

  • Newadded Mark all Users as Registered toggle in settings
  • Fixfixed a lastrun bug

adSync 1.1.2 February 2019

  • Fix PHP 7.2 warning removals

adSync 1.1.1 January 2019

  • Fix displayname bugfix

adSync 1.1.0 January 2019

  • New Paginated AD Queries for instances w 1000+ users
  • New Email signature with instance information in case of multiple instances
  • Fix fixed case sensitive email comparison

adSync 1.0.3 September 2018

  • Fix Support for displaynames lastname,first

adSync 1.0.1 February 2018

  • New checks for newer versions on the config page.
  • Fix proper AD server failover for multiple servers

adSync 1.0 January 2018

  • New Original public release after testing under linux and windows.

adSync 0.1a December 2017

  • New Private Beta testing release - 0.1a.
  • Fix email formatting display issues - plain text and HTML.

adSync 0.1 December 2017

  • New Private Beta testing release - 0.1.