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DISCLAIMER: Further updates are on hold until osTicket 2.0 is released at which time the plugin will be re-evaluated.

osTicket Reports


Demo Site

Username: demo_admin
Password: reportsDemo

The demo site is reset daily at 1050 CDT so feel free to play around in it as much as you want.

osTicket Reports 8.3.1 July 2020

  • New Added agent to subrows.

osTicket Reports 8.2.3 May 2019

  • Misc Modified 'closed' counts for empty data, angled x-axis labels

osTicket Reports 8.2.2 April 2019

  • New Added 'Tickets per Priority'.
  • Fix SQL update to exclude NULL ticket IDs.

osTicket Reports 8.2.1 April 2019

  • Fix Changed "Time to Resolution" to 0 in ticket rows when status is Open.

osTicket Reports 8.2.0 March 2019

  • Fix Fixed missing PDF image and csv in scheduled reports
  • Fix Replaced pChart with jpgraph for compatibility with PHP 7.2

osTicket Reports 8.1.0 February 2019

  • New Added report type filter. Focus a report in on a specific team, department, organization, user, or agent.
  • Misc Minor CSS tweak, rounded section headers.

osTicket Reports 8.0.9 February 2019

  • New Updated to work with osTicket 1.11.

osTicket Reports 8.0.8 January 2019

  • Fix Resolved timezone issue.