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osTicket Reports


Demo Site

Username: demo_admin
Password: reportsDemo

The demo site is reset daily at 1050 CDT so feel free to play around in it as much as you want.

osTicket Reports 7.5.4 July 2017

  • New Added a checkbox for CSV generation. No more wasting space building CSVs you don't need! Default behavior can be set on the plugin administration page.
  • New EVERY report has been updated to include a dropdown viewable list of individual tickets that includes the ticket id, subject, and status. Click on a ticket id to go straight to the ticket!
  • New Arabic Language added
  • New Italian Language added
  • Fix Improved Help Topics report to include all standard columns
  • Fix Code cleanup and enhancement.

osTicket Reports 7.5.2 February 2017

osTicket Reports Plugin

  • New Converted to simple to install plugin.
  • New Language Support!
  • Fix Fixed "Days/Hours to Resolution"
  • Fix Minor graphical updates.

osTicket Reports 7.4.4 January 2017

  • New Added software-mods.com licensing check
  • Misc Changed "Display Application Menu to Staff" to on by default.

osTicket Reports 7.4.3 January 2017

  • FixFixed issue where empty reports box was presented when default report had no data/results.
  • FixFixed issue with Legend not showing (reports.js was not set to load).
  • FixFixed "Replies per Staff"
  • FixFixed an issue with 'my_license_result' (unused variable)
  • osTicket Reports 7.4.2 December 2016

    • FixFixed an issue with "Tickets per Team"
    • FixFixed an issue with Quick Stats - Average Response Time